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Hartwell Community Centre

Information on the Hartwell Community Centre and the playing field

To book or speak to somebody regarding Hartwell Community Centre please email or

Address: School Lane, Hartwell, Northants


Custodian Trustee Role

Hartwell Parish Council are the Custodian Trustee of Hartwell Community Centre and the playing field.

Please find an explanation of what a Trustee is below:

There are a number of different types of Trustee and it is important to understand the difference between them, as they have different functions.

The persons responsible for the day to day management and control of the administration of the Charity are generally knows as “the Charity Trustees”. In some documents they are referred to as “the Managing Trustees”. Depending upon the nature and constitution of the Charity they may be Company Directors, board members, or some other designation. The function is however the same.

The constitution of the Charity may provide that persons other than the Managing Trustees are to hold the legal title to the property of the Charity. These are known as “the Holding Trustees” and their function is only in respect of the permanent assets of the Charity.

Parish or Town Councils, as a corporate body and a Trust Corporation, may hold the legal title to property belonging to the Charity, and if so appointed, they may be designated “Custodian Trustees”. This designation is only available to Trust Corporations. The function of the Custodian Trustee is to hold the legal title and act in accordance with the instructions of the Managing Trustees, unless those instructions are in breach of trust. They must also hold the proceeds of sale of any investment pending reinvestment.

Custodian Trustees do not have any administrative function, and have no right to direct the work or administration of the Charity in any way.

Many Parish Councils are the Custodian Trustees of Village Halls. They may also have a representative on the Village Hall committee, (the Managing Trustees) but this is completely separate from their responsibility as Custodian Trustees.


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